Clay Modelling - Children discover how to form basic shapes as they explore the material.They also develop hand and brain coordination,agility, fine motor skills,longer attention spans and creativity.Playdough inspires and allows a child's imagination to come to life in the palm of their hands.

 Painting - Painting is a non verbal experience .Painting and indeed all art activities promote children's learning and development.The trellis is used extensively to encourage the children to discover the picasso in them.

 Taek Wondo/ Skating/ Yoga - Physical activities are very important to have an all rounded development of the children.These activities channelise the energy of the children,help them to develop concentration and help them to be healthy.

 Show n Tell - Helping our children to develop their oratory skills is an intrinsic part of our curriculum.The activity of showing to their peers in the audio visual room helps to develop and boost their confidence.

Role Play - Children are great imitators and they learn a lot adorning varied roles.We at SRGPS encourage our children to play different roles making learning an enjoyable experience.

EDU Drama - Stories are enacted in front of the children to build their imagination and help in vocabulary building.

Flameless Cooking - Food and meal times are times of great excitement and anticipation.Our young ones are also exposed to the simple tasks of preparing food .Preparing food and then eating it too, thrills them along with inculcating respect for the mothers who tirelessly serve them new things.